Home Design 20×40 Meter 3 suites

Home Design 20×40 Meter 3 suites. This is undoubtedly a differentiated project for differentiated people. Designed for a terrain of 20 meters wide by 40 meters long, this house is divided into two sides. The first facing the intimate area of ​​the house, with 3 suites with closet. On the other side we have the living area, with TV room, wine cellar, bar, kitchen and a spacious leisure area, to welcome your guests. The garage has 3 covered spaces.

Technical information
Floors Ground floor
Building area 374 square meters
Width of terrain 20 meters
Length of terrain 40 meters
Width of the house 17 meters
Length of house 28 meters
Dorms 3 suites
Bathrooms 5
Garage 3 vacancies
Front recoil 5 meters
Background recoil 2 meters
Left side indent 1,50 meters
Right side indent 1,50 meters

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