Home Design 12×25 Meters 3 Bedrooms

Home Design 12×25 Meters 3 Bedrooms. This is perhaps the best single-story house we’ve ever done. You can build it without walls in a condominium or use this beautiful facade of glass wall and gutted gates that further value the front of the house. Inside this plant also has 3 bedrooms, the one of the couple with closet and suite, plus a beautiful leisure area with gourmet area, wooden deck and pool.

Building area 162 square meters
Width of the house 9 meters
Length of house 18 meters
Width of terrain 12 meters or greater
Length of terrain 25 meters or greater
bedrooms 3
Suites 1
Bathrooms 3
Garage 2 vacancies
Front recoil 5 meter (s)
Background recoil 2 meters)
Left side indent 1.50 meter (s)
Right side indent 1.50 meter (s)

Buy This Plan: https://www.plantapronta.com.br/projeto/86A/planta-de-casa-com-muro-de-vidro

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