The two-family house CELEBRATION 12x12m


The two-family house CELEBRATION 207 V4 appears in a modern and simple design with pitched roof. The outer facade shows white combined with a bright green. The Bien-Zenker prefab house is divided into two parts – the main house and an apartment. The latter has a spacious living and dining area with open kitchen. There is also a bedroom and a bathroom. In the main building of the CELEBRATION 207 V4 is the center of life in the living room. The dining table can connect directly to the open kitchen. In the attic of the Bien-Zenker town house there is enough space for a family of five. The Bien-Zenker architects are planning three children’s rooms, a large bedroom with dressing area and a spa bath. In addition, the children will find their own shower room in the CELEBRATION 207 V4.

Check the plan for more details:

House Detail:

room 5
roof shape saddle roof
Living space (m²) 207.16
website Link to the house

Home Design video:

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