Home Design 15×30 Meters 3 Bedrooms

Home Design 15×30 Meters 3 Bedrooms. This project has the merit of being imposing, but without losing the rationality. With a modern facade in masonry, wood and glass, its master builder will not have great difficulty in building this house, since the walls are parallel and the eaves are a continuation of the slab, significantly reducing costs. Inside we have a spacious living area, plus 3 suites, all with closet. Giving greater privacy and comfort in the day to day.

Technical information

Floors loft
Building area 308 square meters
Width of terrain 15 meters
Length of terrain 30 meters
Width of the house 11.95 meters
Length of house 16.50 meters
Dorms 3 suites
Bathrooms 5
Garage 3 vacancies
Front recoil 5 meters
Background recoil 5 meters
Left side indent 1,55 meters
Right side indent 1,50 meters

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